College of Arts and Science

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College of Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Science (A&S) is the college of how to think, not what to think. Flexibility, adaptability, creativity, and curiosity have never been more important, and those are precisely the things an A&S education provides. Our 6,400 A&S students will graduate poised to design their lives in meaningful, thoughtful, fulfilling ways. A&S plays a role in every undergraduate degree at MU and a major part in the advancement of arts and science for the betterment of society.

Help A&S Lead the Way

You can help us lead the way. The College of Arts and Science faces extraordinary challenges in this time of rapid change, with an exciting but daunting future ahead of us. Your unrestricted support means we can consistently provide our students with the excellent education the college is known for and support our faculty no matter where the future leads us.

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Accelerating Discovery and Creative Activity

Cancer, sustainability, addiction, health disparities, and more. The College of Arts and Science has the intellectual range necessary to create real solutions to the challenges we face. Your support is the crucial difference between accelerating discoveries and business as usual. Researchers in A&S are already doing outstanding work, but with financial resources, they can do so much more, faster.

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Amplifying Mizzou Made

A broad-based liberal arts education provides students the tools to design their futures, and you can help. Your generous donation provides students with hands-on learning experiences that make them stand out above the rest and ensures they are prepared to make meaningful contributions to Missouri and beyond.

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