Sinclair School of Nursing

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Sinclair School of Nursing

"Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses…we must be learning all of our lives."
-Florence Nightingale

For more than 100 years, Mizzou nurses have distinguished themselves through their outstanding preparation, critical thinking skills and compassionate patient care. We remain committed to that legacy and ask you to help us graduate more nurses to meet the critical shortage nationwide.

Simulation Center & Equipment

There’s no better way to learn than by doing. Students will learn those techniques in the Skills Labs, which contain 14 separate bays for specialized training, including immersive scenarios to practice the high-pressure realities of our profession. Your gift to the Simulation Technology Equipment Fund will help us supply, enhance and maintain this cutting-edge technological asset, and ensure Mizzou’s nurses continue to be well-prepared for clinicals and beyond.

Represent your class year with our Mizzou Giving Day challenge! The Class of 1977 wanted to make an impact, and set a goal of $10,000 in support of the new Simulation Lab. Together, they managed to surpass it, funding the purchase of realistic IV training arms and replacement skins. Add your class year to your donation note, and represent your graduating class in our Mizzou Giving Day challenge! Your gift, no matter the amount, can help us accomplish even more as we prepare a new generation of nurses for clinicals and beyond.

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Nursing Alumni History Preservation Fund

Mizzou Nursing history is filled with stories of brave, brilliant trailblazers who encouraged students to dream big and carve their own path. We seek to remember and celebrate our alumni, faculty and student milestones and accomplishments in their own words in our new building to inspire generations of nursing students to be lifelong learners.

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Nursing Dean's Fund for Excellence

The unrestricted nature of the Dean’s Fund for Excellence has allowed the dean to help our students who needed emergency funding in the wake of COVID-19. Even before this pandemic, the fund has previously provided funding for replacing much-needed simulation equipment, enhanced learning environments and unexpected building repairs.

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