MU Operations

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MU Operations

The Arts and Nature: University Concert Series and Mizzou Botanic Garden

The arts and natural beauty across campus are supported, in part, by the MU Concert Series and the Mizzou Botanic Garden. Accessible to students and visiting members of the public, both enrich the campus and broader Columbia community through educational opportunities and experiences that inspire and delight. Each plays a key role in bringing the world of Mizzou to life: Mizzou Botanic Garden’s outdoor, living laboratory fosters appreciation and understanding of the natural world around us, just as performances of the University Concert Series support and realize the worlds within us.

Legacy Oaks

The majestic pin oaks lining the historic Francis Quadrangle are reaching the end of their natural lifespan. Through the Legacy Oaks project, Mizzou Botanic Garden will preserve the atmosphere of this iconic campus landmark for future Tigers by replanting the Quad with several species of oak adapted to thrive in the Missouri climate and soils. Help frame the splendor of The Columns for hundreds of years to come through sponsorship of the Legacy Oaks.

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University Concert Series

The University Concert Series enhances the community for university students and mid-Missourians alike through diverse performances and outreach to local schools. From ballet to stand-up comedy, and children’s theatre to rock concerts and Broadway shows, your contribution keeps the Missouri Theatre and Jesse Auditorium a hive of activity, providing access to the arts, enhancing educational experiences and inspiring creativity.

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