Student Affairs

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Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs creates, and touches on, every aspect of a student's Mizzou experience. Our staff members focus not just on where our students live, but how they live. We help students at work and at play. We nurture them through the food they eat and the advice, health care, services, facilities and other resources we offer. We welcome them - and their families - into life at the university, starting before they set foot on campus and continuing into the years beyond graduation.

MU Student Emergency Fund

Now more than ever MU students need the support of other Tigers. With unexpected changes to class structure, living situations, regular income, technology requirements, and more, students are depending on the MU Student Emergency Fund. Funds can be accessed for temporary housing; assistance with food, rent or essential utilities; and more.

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Disability Center Access and Inclusion Fund

Mizzou's Disability Center works to ensure that students with disabilities have access to all that the University has to offer. Through innovative programming and outreach efforts, the Disability Center leads the way in promoting an accessible and inclusive environment for all. Gifts to this fund allow us to reach the widest possible audience.

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Health and Well-being

Support student well-being with a gift to the Health & Well-being fund, which lowers financial barriers to services, increases our ability to meet the rising need for professional mental health care, and enhances wellness and peer-education programming.

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