NextGen Precision Health

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NextGen Precision Health

The University of Missouri is the state's premier land-grant institution, and we need to show the Show Me State that we can meet all its precision health needs – from St. Louis to Kansas City, St. Joseph to Cape Girardeau, Nixa to Unionville and everywhere in between. The best and brightest experts from biomolecular, computational, and engineering disciplines, veterinary and human medicine will soon call the NextGen Precision Health building home, coming together with researchers and clinicians under one roof to change the face of health outcomes in Missouri and around the globe.

The physical complex, on the MU campus, will serve as a research and clinical hub for human and companion animal patients, and as a shared resource allowing diagnostic and research capabilities not available within the UM System.

But we can’t do this kind of work alone. NextGen Precision Health needs YOU. Philanthropy is critical to recruiting and retaining global research leaders, providing them with quality support, and creating and maintaining state-of-the-art collaborative and laboratory space. Your generosity will help take research from benchtop to bedside, providing not only healthcare breakthroughs, but tremendous economic impact for Columbia and the state of Missouri.

Your gift can help change the world and save lives.

Footage that does not depict current safety practices was taken prior to COVID-19 health orders and guidelines.

NextGen Precision Health Building Fund

The current top priority is constructing and outfitting the research and clinical complex. Once it opens in October, 2021, it will serve as a hub for collaborative research and corporate partnerships — addressing the healthcare needs of Missourians and beyond, and fostering economic development across the state.

Support This Fund

NextGen Precision Health Research Fund

Help support the researchers, students and groundbreaking studies that are already changing lives, along with laying the groundwork for training and developing our next generation of talent. A gift to this fund supports our efforts in our research pillars of cancer, basic and emerging science, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, health care delivery, neuroscience, and population health.

Support This Fund

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