College of Arts and Science

College of Arts and Science

We are dedicated to teaching critical thinking and creativity to our students. We are committed to researching the challenges we face to find evidence-based solutions and to enriching the world through creative work. We have the vast range of expertise that ignites ideas into reality and where experiential learning and creativity flourish.

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Museum of Art and Archaeology

This spring, the Museum of Art and Archaeology will open its doors to the campus and community in the newly renovated spaces in Ellis Library. Classes regularly visit Mizzou’s vast collections to study the artworks and their creation, creativity, and history. Make a gift in support of this incredible asset, now centrally located on Mizzou’s campus and soon open to all.

Center for the Humanities

The College of Arts and Science recently launched its newest research center, the Center for the Humanities, dedicated to advancing humanities research, collaboration across disciplines and public scholarship. New collaborations include a special initiative focused on veterans and their experiences. In collaboration with MOHumanities, Unbound Book Festival and the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy, the Center will deliver a series of events including writing workshops and a public lecture.

STEM Advising Space

Student success is at the forefront of a renovated advising space on the first floor of the Chemistry Building. Bringing together students in chemistry, biology, physics, geology, mathematics, statistics, and data science enables a dynamic support system of academic advising, peer advising, mentoring and career development. The STEM Advising Space joins other similar investments, including the advising and student success space on the first floor of Lowry Hall, which supports A&S students across a range of majors.

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