NextGen Precision Health

NextGen Precision Health

Our most pressing health issues require effective, impactful solutions. If we can make breakthroughs faster and test them with state-of-the-art technology and methods to move them from the laboratory benchtop to the bedside, we will dramatically transform health care.

NextGen Precision Health is where these global health challenges find solutions. We have unmatched resources that allow us to accelerate innovations in precision health to improve health outcomes for Missourians and the world. 

It takes, on average, nearly two decades for lab research to become established clinical treatment. We know we can do better. NextGen will revolutionize health care for our citizens, close health care gaps, and transform community health through multi-disciplinary collaborations of world-class academic researchers in partnership with government agencies, public health and industry leaders. 

The Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health building unites talented investigators from across the University of Missouri System providing a cutting-edge research facility dedicated to solving our most pressing health issues. The building is designed to ignite interdisciplinary collaboration and to encourage activity focused on speeding the path to new treatments and making them accessible to people in need, faster than traditional bench-to-bedside methods. 

We have the capability to reshape medical research and health care. But we can’t do it without you. Every dollar you provide in support brings us closer to the next life-saving research breakthrough, the next crucial pharmaceutical, the next advancement in diagnosis and treatment. The more world-class faculty we add and retain, and the more resources they have to work with, the more rapidly we can achieve these necessary goals. 

Your support will translate into results that save the lives of patients across Missouri, in all corners of the U.S. and around the globe. Nothing could be more important.

NextGen Precision Health Research Fund

Help support the researchers, students and groundbreaking studies that are already changing lives, along with laying the groundwork for training and developing our next generation of talent. A gift to this fund supports our efforts in our research pillars of cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, neuroscience, child health and rural health.

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