Student Affairs

Student Affairs

At the heart of the University of Missouri's vibrant community lies the Division of Student Affairs, which is committed to creating an unparalleled campus experience for every Mizzou student. We don't just provide activities and events, a living and learning community with health and well-being services and facilities to move; we give students opportunities for personal growth and development. But we need your help to elevate the student experience to new heights!

Mizzou Student Experience Fund: Unleash Potential

Individual development thrives on involvement, and the Mizzou Student Experience Fund is the catalyst; it helps to propel a students’ experience forward, unlocking a world of leadership, skills, and pivotal opportunities. With your support, we're revolutionizing involvement opportunities — shaping resilient leaders, community champions, and future trailblazers. Your gift transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, preparing students for graduation and a lifetime of impact.

MU Student Emergency Fund: Be the Lifeline

Life's unexpected storms can jeopardize a student's graduation dreams. Provide hope with the MU Student Emergency Fund. Your contribution ensures Tigers don't face adversity alone. From emergency housing to essentials, utilities, and medications to safety needs—your gift allows students to focus on their education as they overcome life's challenges. Join us in providing support for Tigers in need.

Tiger Pantry: Fight Hunger, Fuel Dreams

Imagine hunger hindering graduation dreams. Now, picture a community united against it— picture Tiger Pantry. Your donation sustains this student-run program, providing essential resources to over 400 households monthly. Fight against food insecurity, one meal at a time. $10 fuels a family of four for a day, $35 nourishes an individual for a week, and $60 feeds a family of four for a whole week. Your generosity redefines possibilities for our students.

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